Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAD) is a painless therapy without surgery to treat acute or chronic pain of the spine with high percentages of successful.


A system through a modern computerized table allows decompress the intervertebral spaces without causing muscle spasm, unlike conventional methods of traction, and reduce intradiscal pressure, improving the osmotic fluid diffusion, oxygen and other nutrients to the disc, and thereby promoting regeneration own physiological capabilities.

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Avoid 3 out of 4 surgeries

Nonsurgical medical treatment for low back pain and cervical

If you are looking to eliminate the pain, forget the anti-inflammatory or analgesic, regain their mobility, improve your quality of life and opt for an effective alternative to avoid surgery and the risks associated with it, in the treatment of Axial Decompression Vertebral nonsurgical (VAD), find the most appropriate option.

Is it suitable for me the vertebral axial decompression?

Vertebral Axial Decompression Nonsurgical (VAD, for its acronym in English) involves applying forces to lengthen the spine preventing the muscles that protect the spine to shrink. The forces needed to apply Vertebral axial decompression surgical technology is very advanced technology.

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Vertebral axial decompression therapy

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