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Integrity Life Sciences is a US company offering a wide range of treatments to address one of the most costly systemic diseases, back pain and chronic neck pain.


The advanced solution proposed is nonsurgical therapies spinal decompression are designed to relieve pain in degenerative conditions and compression of the spine.

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Integrity Spinal Care System 2.0 (ISCS 2.0)

The Integrity Spinal Care System 2.0 was designed by the most experienced technical team in non-surgical spinal decompression branchwhich it has more than 50 years of application and knowledge, and has received FDA acceptance in the US and the EC in Europe.


It has its origins in work done by NASA scientists who observed that the astronauts who had back pain on the ground, kept them in the absence of gravity.


The ISCS 2.0 uses the latest technology and provides an alternative treatment for patients suffering from chronic back pain and neck, also it offers a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment without drugs, and therapeutic response for related debilitating diseases discs, leaving the nerve root compressed by hernia and thereby achieving pain relief immediate and lasting.

Diagram of Integrity Spinal Care System 2.0

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