No surgery, no medication, no injections, goodbye to back pain in 20 sessions

If you are looking to eliminate the pain, forget the anti-inflammatory or analgesic, regain their mobility, improve your quality of life and opt for an effective alternative to avoid surgery and the risks associated with it, in the treatment of  Vertebral Axial Decompression nonsurgical (VAD), find the most appropriate option.


This treatment is ideal for patients with clinical and / or radiological evidence of single or multiple herniated discs with or without nerve entrapment, discartorosis, facet syndrome, protrusions, disc degeneration, lumbago, sciatica, disc surgery failures and other neurological disorders.

With results and all warranties

Vertebral Axial Decompression (VAD) is therapy a painless and no surgery to treat acute or chronic pain of the spine with high percentages of successful.


A system through a modern computerized table allows decompress the intervertebral spaces without causing muscle spasm, unlike conventional methods of traction, and reduce intradiscal pressure, improving the osmotic fluid diffusion, oxygen and other nutrients to the disc, and thereby promoting regeneration own physiological capabilities.


This means major improvements to the problems of herniated discs, since the improvement of the conditions of the intervertebral disc takes it stop pressing nerve roots, avoiding pain and great incapacity posed by these diseases.

A treatment to eliminate pain completely

The Integrity Spinal Care System 2.0 was designed by the most experienced technical team in non-surgical spinal decompression branch, which it has more than 50 years of application and knowledge, and has received FDA acceptance in the US and the EC in Europe.

It has its origins in work done by NASA scientists who observed that the astronauts who had back pain on the ground, kept them in the absence of gravity.


The ISCS 2.0 uses the latest technology and provides an alternative treatment for patients suffering from chronic back pain and neck, also it offers a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment without drugs, and therapeutic response for related debilitating diseases discs, leaving the nerve root compressed by hernia and thereby achieving pain relief immediate and lasting.


A totally safe treatment

Each patient is reviewing your medical history and radiology reports to ensure that it is a suitable candidate for treatment. This is prescribed by a doctor and consists of 20 sessions of 30 minutes each, during which is exerted on the column, intermittent and cyclic tensile force calculated according to the personal circumstances of each patient, with phases of relaxation to avoid muscle fatigue and relieve pressure on structures that may be causing the pain, the patient can stop the process at any time by a button.


In addition, an advanced computer system controls the tension, breathing and development of all session parameters and records them on a graph.

For many patients, the pain can be treated non-surgically!






+ One in three people suffer from back pain daily in Spain



+ Low back pain is the second most common cause of doctor visits.



+ According to the "European Health Survey in Spain 2009" published by the National Institute of Statistics 30.7% of Spaniards suffer from back pain problems. 16.33% lumbar chronic pain and neck pain 14.24%.



+ In Spain each year 21,000 arthrodesis or spinal fusions are made, this technique joins permanently, two or more vertebrae of the spine rods and screws to a bone graft the merge causing long term to stabilize relief and avoid having movement therebetween. Even today, some 20,000 Spaniards submit to it, despite being increasingly questioned their effectiveness.


Recovery the lost quality of life for chronic neck pain or back!

Disc hernia
Disc hernia
Degenerative disc disease
Degenerative disc disease
Facet syndrome
Facet syndrome


It is a condition often associated with herniated or ruptured disc. When the injured disc compresses one of the spinal nerves that lead to the sciatic nerve, it can produce a shock-like pain that travels through the buttocks and leg below the knee. Tingling and numbness are common in this condition. Sciatica can occur suddenly or develop gradually. Pain and sciatica symptoms may be intensified by coughing, sneezing or sitting in the same position for extended periods of time.


Disc hernia, as a reference or extruded protruding disc is also made, it is a condition in which a portion of the center, gel-like, has migrated through the layers of the annulus. This can cause mechanical pressure on neighboring structures and trigger chemical reactions that result in pain and inflammation. These changes tend to irritate nerves, producing numbness or tingling in the legs or feet. If left untreated, this condition can result in life-changing pain and physical disability.


Degenerative disc disease is a state of dehydration and deterioration marked by the gradual erosion of the ability to distribute and resist mechanical loads. As the discs deteriorate, they become more susceptible to injury from physical stress.


Degenerative disease may play a role, contributing, under certain conditions, such as disc bulges, disc herniation and stenosis.


It is a condition of the lower back which is characterized by back pain, with or without local sensitivity. This pain is caused by an inflammatory reaction, as a result of irritation in the synovial lining of the joints. Facets are the posterior joints of the spine that helps keep the vertebrae aligned. Facet syndrome may result from injury or degeneration of the disc and is characterized by pain, stiffness and swelling.

The pain usually increases with movement and relieved by rest.

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